My top ten list to awesomeness…


OK team…. here it is… after my post last week,  I have scoured my resources on well being, work life balance etc etc and I have netted down that advice into….


1) SLOW DOWNWhether it be a 40min meditation session with calming oils and mantra’s…or a simple cup of tea in the sunshine.   The experts seem pretty agreed on this one.  Keep your mind calm and reduce the intensity of your day.

2) MOVE DAILY –  Again,  how and to what intensity isn’t really the point…just get moving.  I love the advise that you should make the commitment simply to put your shoes on and go outside.  The rest…is up to the moment.

3) NOURISH YOURSELF –  Lying on the couch, snuggled up with hubby, eating whole packets of biscuits is one of my favourite pass times and I’m not going to stop doing it.  But I know that giving my body as much of the things it needs on a regular basis is going to help it to be at its best…so I need to drink the green smoothie before the biscuits?

4) USE YOUR STRENGTHS  – I had a massive turning point in my career when I did the VIA strengths survey and identified my strengths.  It helped me to focus in on the things I enjoy and put more of them into my life.   You don’t have to do a formal survey though,  just think about the things you love to do and you are good at…then make sure you are doing them, regularly.

5) MAKE TIME FOR LOVE – This is good old advice from Mum.  Spending time on work , with the kids and with friends is great.  But don’t forget to foster the relationship with the person you have chosen to share your life with (or making time to find that person).

6) CREATE BOUNDARIES and stick to them.  What are your non- negotiables?

7) GET ORGANISED –  This had to be on my list.   A clean up on the outside can help you clean up on the inside.  Get those “to do” lists out of your head and onto paper.  Do you have a system? Do you have a schedule, how are you fitting in the most important things?

8) GROW YOUR VILLAGE – As I’ve said before…it takes a village.  Take the time to consider who is in your village? How are you helping them, how can you let them help you?

9) EXPRESS GRATITUDE –  Taking the time each day to reflect on all the wonderful things you are thankful for puts a shiny light of positivity over your every day.

10) HAVE FUN  When did life get so serious?  My childhood was spent laughing until my sides hurt.  I want some of that back please.

It was actually quite hard to keep this list down to 10, there were so many things that I had to cull…but if I had too many more it would have seemed daunting and unachievable.  One thing that I kept adding in and then taking out…was having a vision.  It is not that I don’t think it is important, infact, the opposite…I think is the overarching thing that you are working towards and this is just the top ten list of the things you need to do on a daily/weekly basis to keep you sane as you work towards your vision.

So, to keep me on track I’m going to choose one item from the list each month to focus on…and I will also do a special “setting my vision” session (this may well involve scissors and sticky tape),

Follow my Facebook group for regular updates on how I go with that (I have a sneaky suspicion things may not quite go as smoothly as I have in my head right now)….and if you are not already subscribed, I’d love you to join my wordpress tribe of awesome followers (just click on the follow buttons on my website here) so you can keep track of my status with my weekly blog posts.

First up…. time to SLOW DOWN….wish me luck


Working Mum’s…well…we kick butt!

Yah for us!

I loved this article “Working Mothers are the most productive in the workplace”...

I mean, I always kinda knew this, but so nice to hear that maybe some research backs it up!

As much as I constantly beat myself up, for not doing a better job of juggling all the million and one priorities that I seem to have committed myself to on a regular basis (and some which I have no recollection of committing to, but I probably totally did because I can’t even really remember what I  had for breakfast let alone what I agreed to do)…the reality is, I have become pretty super awesome at using every piece of available time productively (to the point that now I have to learn how not to feel obliged to spend every waking hour cramming in more…but that is a story for another day).

It reminded me of a post a wrote late last year…because as i reflected on my end of year results, I made a startling realisation “I am successful BECAUSE I work part time, not DESPITE it”…  and that is because I have learnt to be uber productive.

I remember this sad and sorry story,  from the early days in my career,  arriving at the office in the early hours of the morning only to find the carpark had not opened yet.  So I had to sit on the side of the road and wait because the carpark didn’t open until 6AM … What the?  What was I thinking?  Why was I already at work at this ungodly hour of the day?

I am sure at the time I thought that arriving at work so early demonstrated that I was highly committed.   I probably did a couple of hours work, then spent more time talking to my colleagues about what they had done at the weekend, perhaps swanned out for a coffee (well, it would actually have been diet coke…I was totally addicted), then faffed around in waste of time meetings for the afternoon.  After which I would realise I still had crap loads of work to do and I would stay at the office until 7.30pm getting it finished…then feel tired and grumpy the next day because I had done a 13hr day but my to – do list was still just as long.

These days, I bet I could deliver the same amount of work in a half day sprint of work….partly it is maturity, partly it is knowledge and experience…but mostly it is because I have been forced to be more productive and to learn to prioritise like a pro. I simply cannot be at the office at 6am (well, actually, that is not exactly true because sometimes now I have to do conference calls at this hour…but I really do just roll out of bed, shuffle to the study with a cup of tea…and do the call in my pyjama’s…no video conference calls at this time please), but whenever I start my official work I make sure that I am very focused and driven.

It really is time to shake of the shackles of the “ideal worker” and remember that being in the office from 9-5pm doesn’t make you a better or more productive employee…I’m so glad that message might actually be starting to get through.

I always knew we ROCKED!


Daylights savings…I don’t like you very much right now…

Why, oh why, do we have daylight savings?

As parents, we all dread the shifting of the clocks…just as we have our children in lovely bedtime and morning routines,  we have to shift it around again and hope they don’t notice.  I’ve heard the advice that you should start shifting the clock 10min’s at a time for 6 days before then the transition will be easier but I always forget to do this.   Although admittedly, typically, it hasn’t been a huge issue in our house (which I smugly attribute to our sometimes anally retentive bedtime routines…which I totally know deep down is not the case but I’m going take it anyway).

However…not this time.  And you know why.  This time, it’s not only the kids that have been affected…it’s me.

You see, morning time had become my happy place.   As my kids get older, they have started to sleep a little bit longer.  I was starting to be able to rely on the fact that they wouldn’t wake up until at least 7am (Amazing, I know!!).  So I started setting my alarm at 6am.   This morning time is MY time and I love this time.   Usually I try to do some exercise,  I can’t leave the house as my husband is typically already heading off to work,  but I can test my co-ordination with some aerobics DVD downstairs,  or use the rowing machine, or do some lame weights.  I never feel like doing it at first, but I always feel awesome afterwards.  If I’m lucky I’ll squeeze in a cup of tea, and start to think about the priorities of the day.

I hadn’t realised how much it was helping me to stay less stressed during the day,  until I lost it.

My kids have been getting up consistently at 6am since the time change.   Today, my son got up at 5.20am.  UNACCEPTABLE.   Their usual morning routine begins with “I’m hungry”,  “can I watch TV”, “what are we doing today?”, “I don’t want to go to school”, “I don’t want to go to school  holiday program” or some variation there of.

Bloody day light savings.

Initially, I tried to push through….I would not be deterred… and on the first day of early morning family rising,  I pursued my own morning routine.   I started in the usual fashion with some exercise downstairs.  My son decided to follow me and lie on the couch right next to me, so that he could continue whinging directly into my ear.  Not to be out done, my daughter grabbed her drawing (great, she’s keeping herself amused), and proceeded to lie down directly in front of where I was stepping, and then spread her coloured pencils out under my feet.   No…stay calm Claire…you can do this, you can reclaim your morning…just zone them out.

But it didn’t work,  I wanted to throw something across the room (maybe one of the children).

The next morning was worse.   They decided to start fighting with each other and I couldn’t concentrate above the blood curdling screams I could hear from above,  which left me running to the rescue to discover my daughter languishing on the floor, rolling, screaming because my son had dared to “touch” the side of her plate.

My morning ritual has been shattered.

I forgot what it was like to start your day with someone elses demands instead of your own.  So I’ve given up.  Stopped exercising in the morning. Started just getting straight into the usual morning routine, making lunches, cleaning up the kitchen.  I intend to do some exercise later in the day but later never comes.  And I’m pretty amazed at how much that has seeped into everything else I’m doing.  I’m stressed. I’m walking around with a perpetual sinking feeling in my stomach.  I’m over it.  I’m flat like a pancake (sadly I don’t look like one).  I’m eating like a horse.  I can’t be bothered doing anything in the evening other than smashing some TV (Netflix…oh how I love thee).

And then today I was reading this blog,  about productivity (great tips by the way) and I connected the dots between the loss of my morning ritual and the collapse of my entire world.

It also reminded me that one of the keys to finding balance, is to constantly be re-evaluated and reviewing your system.  Sure, I get that you have to have a system…but the key, especially when you have kids, is that you have to be flexible enough to change it when things change around you.

OK…so, I’ve identified the problem, which now means I can find a solution.  Yah!  But does that mean I have to get up even earlier!?!?   Reclaim my morning at 5am (ouch),  or do I try to get the kids to bed later (oh no, my TV time)?   Do I tell the kids that mornings are Mummy time,  and they are allowed to watch TV until I am ready (they are old enough to respect that…right?!).

Anyone got any ideas?


Life can be confusing…shake it off

Shake it off…shake it off…

This week (wait, this month) has been hard work.   I feel like I say that a lot though.  Sigh.   Work is intense,  exciting but intense…requiring so much of my energy and focus.  I am aware that the balance right now is shifting in works favour, but it is only for a short time…isn’t it?

Someone asked me a work earlier in the week why I work part time.  It was an innocent question but it sent my brain into an overdrive spiral and it keeps popping up in my mind.  Why DO i work part time?  I am fiercely protective of my part time work,  but why do I do it?   When I sit with this question for a while,  the answer is that I want to also be a good mother.  I don’t want to be the person picking up the kids at 6pm from afterschool care 5 days a week, just before they lock the doors.  I want to have headspace to be there for my children, to remember all these years, not think back later that I should have spent more time with them.  I want to be able to help them with homework and support them in their hobbies.   I want to bake cookies and pick them up from school.

Which is why I am now so confused… because if I’m honest with myself,  has part time work allowed me to do these things recently?

I am there to pick the kids up from school,  but I’m often juggling work calls and answering last minute emails trying to close out my work day.   I find time for us to sit and do homework but the kids just whine at me because they would rather be watching TV and we spend 30min arguing instead.   I yell at the kids to move faster in the morning because I’m conscious of how much work that needs to get done in my short day and I’m anxious about getting my work day started.   I’m sitting at BMX training, while my daughter plays on the ipad and I’m thinking about the work trip that I need to go on next week.  On my “day off”, I usually spend the day trying to catch up on chores not baking cookies, feeling guilty because I should be on top of these things if I am working part time.

I’m confused,  exhausted and now I’m unsure if I’m making the right choices.   Is my balance all wrong?

The alarm went off at 6am this morning,  but I shunned my usual exercise plans and stayed in bed with a blissful cup of tea and my book (please exercise gods,  do not strike me down with big butt lightning).   At 7.30, I woke my sleeping kids from their slumber (yes, they were still asleep…it’s a miracle day).  “Cuddles Mummy” says my daughter.   And so I sit on her bed as she snuggles into my shoulder.  I smell her hair, I feel her warm little body wrapped around mine…and I feel myself fill up with all her warm sunshine.  All the emptiness and worry that I was feeling was completely washed away.  So I carry my little monkey out for breakfast.  We get the music pumping for some breakfast pyjama dance party action (I mean, why not?  dance party anthems really help the getting ready for school process I feel…).   And as Taylor Swift pumps out “Shake it off”…we bounce around the room, and I really do shake it all off.

Things aren’t always perfectly balanced, sometimes it can be tough….but I think we’re gonna be alright.



I don’t know how she does it?

I actually hate that saying “I don’t know how she does it?”.  It has become so cliche, it makes me want to roll my eyes and punch the smug person, who is apparently doing it all with ease,  in the head.

But here I am…constantly thinking it…how do other people do this? when I feel like my brain is going to implode with the amount of information it is trying to store and order…and my to-do list is constantly getting longer not shorter…and the juggling isn’t just three balls,  but a few balls, a burning pole, a sword and a poisonous spider  (which reminds me…i need to call the pest control…anyway, back to the story).

I met up with a friend a little while back for lunch, and we were laughing about how lame our conversation was considering we spent most of our time talking about cleaning and organising.  We have a shared love of organisation but, unlike me, she actually implements it!  Infact,  I am slightly (OK, totally) in awe of her.   She has one of those amazing pantries that look like they were just spritzed by the Tupperware consultant,  her house is always immaculate.  she posts on facebook every 2nd day about some incredible craft she has organised with the kids, she works shift work in a stressful job and she is about to take an amazing trip overseas.  And I don’t even want to punch her in the head… because she is actually really really lovely.

I seriously don’t know how she does it.

Don’t you have that feeling all the time,  wondering how other people do it?  Have they got some magic ingredient I am missing?  As I sit here,  amongst the chaos that is my study (I decided the other day to clean out the cupboard, thus the contents are strewn across the floor but I didn’t get a chance to finish it and well…now…I just get exhausted looking at it). If someone “dropped by” unexpectedly, I think I would have to talk to them out on the veranda because they wouldn’t be able to get through the door past my laundry piles…so I am totally and utterly fascinated about other peoples lives.  I want to know what they have prioritised,  how they have prioritised.  Is their house really always immaculate or do they run around like a maniac before we come over (just like I do?).   Is my perception of their amazingness the actual reality?

Here's my half done clean up...not exactly where I wanted to be??
Here’s my half done clean up…not exactly where I wanted to be??

Almost every woman I know is juggling things across their life in some capacity.  Yet, no two have the same scenario.  Some work full time, or part time, or not at all,  or shift work.  Some have lots of children, some have one child, some have none.  But whoever they are,  I am still interested in what goes on behind the scenes, the choices they have made,  what has been hard and challenging…what are their tips and ideas.

And so… it was as I was pondering this,  it was when I decide to create the Confessions of a Corporate Mum facebook community page.   I love the idea of a community of amazing women (which we totally all are), coming together to share tips, offering advice, asking questions and maybe, on those days when it is all getting a bit much…have the opportunity to vent  your frustrations amongst a group of readers who totally understand…because absolutely EVERYONE has those days (come on, don’t leave me hanging…I’m not the only one am I??).

And if nothing else,  it’s just another place for me to share the little tit bits of my journey…so you can sit at home smugly and think.. “gosh…I have it so much more together than her”…

What better reason could you have to join me on the new Confessions of a Corporate Mum facebook Community page? and all you have to do is “like” it…plus if you are not already doing so, please also join my growing tribe of followers right here…simply click on the follow me button on my blog…and get my little blog deposited in your lovely inbox every week…it would be my pleasure to entertain you….



It’s time to get organised…

These are my actual budget files…I mean, how can I not be organised with such cute files..right?


If I had to give you one tip for the successful juggling of all the priorities in your life,  it would be GET ORGANISED!

I truly believe that being super organised is one of the most important lynch pins to being successful, no matter what you are trying to achieve.   From writing your life goals, to everyday To Do lists.   Being organised streamlines your life and helps you target in on what really needs to be achieved.

Now,  it would be fair to say at this point, that you are probably therefore assuming I am an organised person. And I’d really like to be able to say that you are right…but, sadly…no.

Someone said to me once, ” there is a difference between being interested in something, and being committed to something.”

And boy am I interested in organising.  I LOVE it,  I get excited just thinking about it.   Send me to Office Works to look at pens, files and folders,  and see my heart rate zoom through the roof.   I read blogs about it.  I have books.  I cry with joy when I receive a Kikki K gift voucher.  The IDEA of being organised thrills me beyond belief.

But I’m sorry to say I’m letting the team down here.  I have let my organisation slip and slide until there is not much left. My cupboards are a mess.  We no longer have a streamlined budget system.  Paperwork is overflowing in the intray. I stomp around the house like an angry dinosaur in the morning, yelling “where are the keys?” at anyone who dares to stand in my path,  my face getting hotter as I realise we are going to be late because I can’t find the keys AGAIN,  and if I was more organised this would not be happening.  I shove things into draws and the room downstairs, vowing to sort them out…later.

So I was super excited that perhaps during my big summer holiday, I might have some time to spend getting things a bit organised in our house.  I started in the kids bedrooms before Christmas.   Culling out their cupboards, under their beds, their baskets…making three piles,  charity, bin and sell.   I was amazed (and slightly embarrassed) by the number of garbage bags heading out the door.  And it felt awesome.  It reminded me how much I enjoy getting organised,  but also, how much easier life is when you know where things are, and where things go.

So, I’m setting myself a mission…my organisation and productivity challenge.  And I’m telling you about it, to keep me committed to my word.  I’ll share my progress with you, how my little projects are helping to streamline our household and my work (or not).  I know that not everyone has quite the same level of interest and excitement in the organisational world! but maybe they’ll be some tips/tricks that I share which will help you embrace your inner organisational queen too.

First up…that damn key box…it is overflowing with “I don’t know what” and it ain’t helping to hold the keys.

Hmm…I know the keys are in here somewhere


Here we go..organisational project #1…how will I go now I’m back juggling work and home… well, I’m determined…and I’m not just interested, I’m committed baby.


Rain Rain Go Away…

My bad photography doesn't reflect how amazing this rainbow was when it shone over our campsite
My bad photography doesn’t reflect how amazing this rainbow was when it shone over our campsite

A little story from our recent holiday…

After four days of sunshine and blue skies, the inevitable happened and it started to rain….to bucket down.  As my husband started checking all the corners of our camper trailer with a worried frown, I sat down and checked the forecast.

Nothing but rain on the horizon, five more days of it.  Not only that but storms and wind.

As the children enjoyed themselves dancing around to music and playing games on the ipod (yipee permission to play all arvo). My husband and I sat down to make some plans.  I made a list of things to do in the rain (it wasn’t long), we talked about going home early, my husband complained he was bored already and we went to bed with heavy hearts, disappointed to have our lovely holiday spoilt and wondering how we would pack up our gear in the morning in the rain.

Then, in the morning, I woke up at 6am…and I couldn’t hear the rain?!  Stepping outside I am surrounded by blue sky and sunshine.  Throwing on my walking shoes, I wander down to the beach and watch the sun continue to rise with a lovely sense of peace.

A massive reminder of the importance of living in the moment.  Instead of spending our time the night before, worrying about what may or may not happen in the future.  We could have just accepted what is was in that moment.  It was raining and it wasn’t ideal, but we could have pulled out a board game to amuse ourselves and waited to see what happened.  Just like the children, who are better at living in the moment because they have less past experience to draw from and they have no sense of responsibility for the future.

And again, those pesky expectations that sit in the back of our minds.  As we look forward to our annual holidays and break from work, of course we have expectations of how amazing, relaxing and happy they are going to be.  But of course, things will always go wrong.  Kids fight, planes are late, people get sick…it rains.  Infact, we had even talked about my sister the night before, because she is in England and they expect it to rain all the time!  So they are not disappointed when it does, they just get on with what they are doing.

So, as I sat there with my cup of tea, I made a promise to try to live in the moment more for the rest of the holiday because then I’m much more likely to notice the little pockets of relaxation, the explosions of joy that are scattered throughout the day.   The five minutes of pure laughter and joy as the kids jump waves on the beach (yep, it happened, right before they started throwing sand at each other),  the relaxed moment after a cup of tea and a good book,  the taste of sneaky chocolate and most of all, the blue sky and amazing rainbows… that can only appear if there has been some rain…




P.S I should note we did actually go home early, a few days after I wrote this post.  But I went with a much stronger appreciation of the great moments that we had. Everything wasn’t perfect…it never is…but because I was focused on all the things that were going right (albiet small some days), it turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be.

procrastination…yes, I am the queen

IMG_0166 I’m an uber procrastinator.  If there was an award for procrastination, I would quite possibly win it (as long as I didn’t have to submit some kind of nominations,  because I probably would procrastinate on that).  Most of the time I need some kind of hot rod up… well…you know… to get me moving. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not lazy.  No.  I don’t lie in bed procrastinating,  I just jump from task to task like some crazy frog person until time runs out and …BUZZZ…time is up and I fall into bed exhausted after another day of doing…well…everything but nothing at the same time. Like today, I decided that I was going to do some writing tonight.  I have heaps of ideas spilling over in my brain for the blog,  posts which are going to be AWESOME (if I ever actually got them on paper).  My husband is out,  kids in bed…perfect.  And I know I LOVE writing.  I always feel great after I have splurged some of the ideas out of my never quiet brain.  But lets take a little look at what I have actually done so far…

  • tidy up the kitchen
  • Washed the dog (to be fair, he was REALLY dirty)
  • Made some tea
  • Made a snack
  • Started a clothes wash
  • Vaccumed
  • Read my facebook
  • checked my email
  • started sorting some paperwork…

Seriously,  is something wrong with me?  Why can’t I focus on something I know that I really want to do? I think this might fall under the category of “mindfulness”,  being able to focus on one thing at a time.  Really giving that thing your attention, your full attention.   There is also something more daunting about starting something big, or more important, and far easier to try to tick the boxes with some little things instead.  And, it’s hard to focus on the important things when the little every day things are niggling at you. lets start this again.  I’m writing a list,  oh boy do I love a good list…a list of things that actually really need to be done this evening.  And I’m prioritising writing, so it’s going to be the first thing that I do.   I’m putting a timer on. 30mins.  That’s it, whatever I can punch out in 30min and then I will stop. IMG_0165 Wait…look at that….I’m nearly done already.  That wasn’t so hard.  I feel great now.  Why did I faff around so much in the first place?   Now, what is next on the list.   Tidy out the study cupboard?  hmm… I’ll just go make a cup of tea first… claire2

I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope…

…one step wrong and I’m going to fall.   This week has been one of those weeks,  where all aspects of my life seem to be firing on all cylinders and requiring my attention.  Part of the realities of “balance” is not a neatly packaged life with time each day to juggle all your key priorities.  Usually one piece of the puzzle is taking your attention for a while, then the dial turns and your focus moves into a different aspect for a while.

Sometimes,  like this week though,  they all explode at once.  We decide to buy a new car,  which means selling our old one.   My son has been home sick with an undiagnosed sore stomach (or was it his head,  or actually his foot, he can’t remember).   My husband has to work long hours this week and is away for the next three.  Christmas is fast approaching, I haven’t had chance to think about presents or planning.  And of course,  work has just ramped up with three key events in the next few weeks and my inbox is starting to look like an overgrown garden.


It’s like I’m walking on that tightrope.  Each minute I execute the next most urgent demand,  but I’m wobbling…I’m wobbling all over the place and I am SOOOO close to falling.   I know these days will pass, I know that I don’t need to make drastic changes,  this is just a big week and it too will pass.   But one more little thing and it’ll all go tumbling down like a stack of cards.

Why do we do this to ourselves?   There are so many commitments that I make when I think I can handle it all but only if every piece executes with minute precision…and lets face it,  how often does that happen?  But there are so many things I want to do in this world,  to contribute, to be part of.

I know I’m going to have to cut some of my priorities loose.  Maybe some of the things I really wanted to do and that meant something to me.  I need to remember that I can come back to them later, right now, I just need to get by.


And I’m determined.   Determined this week will not get the better of me.   As the notice on my pinboard says…Keep Calm and Drink Tea… I might even have a big bubbly bath…because at the end of the day,  if I do fall over, and things don’t get done.   It’s not the end of the world.

I’ll just dust myself off, re-balance and get back on that tight rope.   I can do this.



P.s my daughter just walked in and said she thinks she is going to spew….(wobble wobble wobble)



A friend sent me this and I don't know the source, so I'm really sorry I can't cite them..but how could I not use this picture today!?
A friend sent me this and I don’t know the source, so I’m really sorry I can’t cite them..but how could I not use this picture today!?

Today,  i had one of those days when everything seemed to fall into place …and I’m not afraid to say geez, I am good,  I am ON FIRE people.

Yep, it’s true.   Get up and exercise?  Damn right I did,  6am and I’m running like the wind,  sweat beating my brow, muscles straining, I am strong.

Home, clean the kitchen,  make breakfast, make the lunches (except for my husbands because his is already made because I am so awesome I spent my Sunday afternoon cooking a large batch meal, labeling it and putting it in the freezer for him this week), tidy the bedrooms, pack the school bags,  pack my work bag,  shower and make up,  break up kids argument,  walk them to school on the school bus (because peeps, I am a community minded school team player),  navigate peak hour traffic,  arrive at work….  a small mouthful of cottage cheese and green smoothie…because I am ALL OVER my health and well being.

Presentation complete…YEP, I nailed it.   I have now been given responsibilities for a new project based on my clear awesomeness.  Led meetings, updated my priorities lists, posted on my social networks.  Connected with people in the office.

Home again, pick up kids, start making dinner.  Husband arrives home and asks if I need some help.  Me?  Help?  NO WAY!!  Because I am so damn amazing, I can do it all…just WATCH me go.  Set table, clean up after dinner,  check diary, read school notes, reply to my emails,  check in with my friends on Facebook, put the washing on, pick up the toys that have magically appeared across the floor in the short time we have been home.

Get kids ready for bed, read stories…give them my undivided love and attention, included a lengthy discussion about YU-GI-O cards which I still don’t understand but I listened attentively because that’s how great I am.


The crowd cheers…well…actually,  no crowd,  husband is down tinkering on his car,  kids are in bed rooms (not asleep,  whining,  but in their rooms because I got them into their room precisely at bed time as required).

So,  what award do I get for my great achievements, you ask?  Well…er…um…I don’t do it for the rewards.  I do it because it makes me feel good.  Do I feel good?  Well…yes…kind of, in an absolutely exhausted, overwhelmed, kind of way.

But…excuse me, I think you are missing the point,  I did it ALL,  I DID IT.  I succeeded in effective work and life balance?  didn’t I?   DIDN’T I ?!?!!?!?!?