It’s time to get organised…

These are my actual budget files…I mean, how can I not be organised with such cute files..right?


If I had to give you one tip for the successful juggling of all the priorities in your life,  it would be GET ORGANISED!

I truly believe that being super organised is one of the most important lynch pins to being successful, no matter what you are trying to achieve.   From writing your life goals, to everyday To Do lists.   Being organised streamlines your life and helps you target in on what really needs to be achieved.

Now,  it would be fair to say at this point, that you are probably therefore assuming I am an organised person. And I’d really like to be able to say that you are right…but, sadly…no.

Someone said to me once, ” there is a difference between being interested in something, and being committed to something.”

And boy am I interested in organising.  I LOVE it,  I get excited just thinking about it.   Send me to Office Works to look at pens, files and folders,  and see my heart rate zoom through the roof.   I read blogs about it.  I have books.  I cry with joy when I receive a Kikki K gift voucher.  The IDEA of being organised thrills me beyond belief.

But I’m sorry to say I’m letting the team down here.  I have let my organisation slip and slide until there is not much left. My cupboards are a mess.  We no longer have a streamlined budget system.  Paperwork is overflowing in the intray. I stomp around the house like an angry dinosaur in the morning, yelling “where are the keys?” at anyone who dares to stand in my path,  my face getting hotter as I realise we are going to be late because I can’t find the keys AGAIN,  and if I was more organised this would not be happening.  I shove things into draws and the room downstairs, vowing to sort them out…later.

So I was super excited that perhaps during my big summer holiday, I might have some time to spend getting things a bit organised in our house.  I started in the kids bedrooms before Christmas.   Culling out their cupboards, under their beds, their baskets…making three piles,  charity, bin and sell.   I was amazed (and slightly embarrassed) by the number of garbage bags heading out the door.  And it felt awesome.  It reminded me how much I enjoy getting organised,  but also, how much easier life is when you know where things are, and where things go.

So, I’m setting myself a mission…my organisation and productivity challenge.  And I’m telling you about it, to keep me committed to my word.  I’ll share my progress with you, how my little projects are helping to streamline our household and my work (or not).  I know that not everyone has quite the same level of interest and excitement in the organisational world! but maybe they’ll be some tips/tricks that I share which will help you embrace your inner organisational queen too.

First up…that damn key box…it is overflowing with “I don’t know what” and it ain’t helping to hold the keys.

Hmm…I know the keys are in here somewhere


Here we go..organisational project #1…how will I go now I’m back juggling work and home… well, I’m determined…and I’m not just interested, I’m committed baby.



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