Rain Rain Go Away…

My bad photography doesn't reflect how amazing this rainbow was when it shone over our campsite
My bad photography doesn’t reflect how amazing this rainbow was when it shone over our campsite

A little story from our recent holiday…

After four days of sunshine and blue skies, the inevitable happened and it started to rain….to bucket down.  As my husband started checking all the corners of our camper trailer with a worried frown, I sat down and checked the forecast.

Nothing but rain on the horizon, five more days of it.  Not only that but storms and wind.

As the children enjoyed themselves dancing around to music and playing games on the ipod (yipee permission to play all arvo). My husband and I sat down to make some plans.  I made a list of things to do in the rain (it wasn’t long), we talked about going home early, my husband complained he was bored already and we went to bed with heavy hearts, disappointed to have our lovely holiday spoilt and wondering how we would pack up our gear in the morning in the rain.

Then, in the morning, I woke up at 6am…and I couldn’t hear the rain?!  Stepping outside I am surrounded by blue sky and sunshine.  Throwing on my walking shoes, I wander down to the beach and watch the sun continue to rise with a lovely sense of peace.

A massive reminder of the importance of living in the moment.  Instead of spending our time the night before, worrying about what may or may not happen in the future.  We could have just accepted what is was in that moment.  It was raining and it wasn’t ideal, but we could have pulled out a board game to amuse ourselves and waited to see what happened.  Just like the children, who are better at living in the moment because they have less past experience to draw from and they have no sense of responsibility for the future.

And again, those pesky expectations that sit in the back of our minds.  As we look forward to our annual holidays and break from work, of course we have expectations of how amazing, relaxing and happy they are going to be.  But of course, things will always go wrong.  Kids fight, planes are late, people get sick…it rains.  Infact, we had even talked about my sister the night before, because she is in England and they expect it to rain all the time!  So they are not disappointed when it does, they just get on with what they are doing.

So, as I sat there with my cup of tea, I made a promise to try to live in the moment more for the rest of the holiday because then I’m much more likely to notice the little pockets of relaxation, the explosions of joy that are scattered throughout the day.   The five minutes of pure laughter and joy as the kids jump waves on the beach (yep, it happened, right before they started throwing sand at each other),  the relaxed moment after a cup of tea and a good book,  the taste of sneaky chocolate and most of all, the blue sky and amazing rainbows… that can only appear if there has been some rain…




P.S I should note we did actually go home early, a few days after I wrote this post.  But I went with a much stronger appreciation of the great moments that we had. Everything wasn’t perfect…it never is…but because I was focused on all the things that were going right (albiet small some days), it turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be.


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