I don’t know how she does it?

I actually hate that saying “I don’t know how she does it?”.  It has become so cliche, it makes me want to roll my eyes and punch the smug person, who is apparently doing it all with ease,  in the head.

But here I am…constantly thinking it…how do other people do this? when I feel like my brain is going to implode with the amount of information it is trying to store and order…and my to-do list is constantly getting longer not shorter…and the juggling isn’t just three balls,  but a few balls, a burning pole, a sword and a poisonous spider  (which reminds me…i need to call the pest control…anyway, back to the story).

I met up with a friend a little while back for lunch, and we were laughing about how lame our conversation was considering we spent most of our time talking about cleaning and organising.  We have a shared love of organisation but, unlike me, she actually implements it!  Infact,  I am slightly (OK, totally) in awe of her.   She has one of those amazing pantries that look like they were just spritzed by the Tupperware consultant,  her house is always immaculate.  she posts on facebook every 2nd day about some incredible craft she has organised with the kids, she works shift work in a stressful job and she is about to take an amazing trip overseas.  And I don’t even want to punch her in the head… because she is actually really really lovely.

I seriously don’t know how she does it.

Don’t you have that feeling all the time,  wondering how other people do it?  Have they got some magic ingredient I am missing?  As I sit here,  amongst the chaos that is my study (I decided the other day to clean out the cupboard, thus the contents are strewn across the floor but I didn’t get a chance to finish it and well…now…I just get exhausted looking at it). If someone “dropped by” unexpectedly, I think I would have to talk to them out on the veranda because they wouldn’t be able to get through the door past my laundry piles…so I am totally and utterly fascinated about other peoples lives.  I want to know what they have prioritised,  how they have prioritised.  Is their house really always immaculate or do they run around like a maniac before we come over (just like I do?).   Is my perception of their amazingness the actual reality?

Here's my half done clean up...not exactly where I wanted to be??
Here’s my half done clean up…not exactly where I wanted to be??

Almost every woman I know is juggling things across their life in some capacity.  Yet, no two have the same scenario.  Some work full time, or part time, or not at all,  or shift work.  Some have lots of children, some have one child, some have none.  But whoever they are,  I am still interested in what goes on behind the scenes, the choices they have made,  what has been hard and challenging…what are their tips and ideas.

And so… it was as I was pondering this,  it was when I decide to create the Confessions of a Corporate Mum facebook community page.   I love the idea of a community of amazing women (which we totally all are), coming together to share tips, offering advice, asking questions and maybe, on those days when it is all getting a bit much…have the opportunity to vent  your frustrations amongst a group of readers who totally understand…because absolutely EVERYONE has those days (come on, don’t leave me hanging…I’m not the only one am I??).

And if nothing else,  it’s just another place for me to share the little tit bits of my journey…so you can sit at home smugly and think.. “gosh…I have it so much more together than her”…

What better reason could you have to join me on the new Confessions of a Corporate Mum facebook Community page? and all you have to do is “like” it…plus if you are not already doing so, please also join my growing tribe of followers right here…simply click on the follow me button on my blog…and get my little blog deposited in your lovely inbox every week…it would be my pleasure to entertain you….




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