A friend sent me this and I don't know the source, so I'm really sorry I can't cite them..but how could I not use this picture today!?
A friend sent me this and I don’t know the source, so I’m really sorry I can’t cite them..but how could I not use this picture today!?

Today,  i had one of those days when everything seemed to fall into place …and I’m not afraid to say geez, I am good,  I am ON FIRE people.

Yep, it’s true.   Get up and exercise?  Damn right I did,  6am and I’m running like the wind,  sweat beating my brow, muscles straining, I am strong.

Home, clean the kitchen,  make breakfast, make the lunches (except for my husbands because his is already made because I am so awesome I spent my Sunday afternoon cooking a large batch meal, labeling it and putting it in the freezer for him this week), tidy the bedrooms, pack the school bags,  pack my work bag,  shower and make up,  break up kids argument,  walk them to school on the school bus (because peeps, I am a community minded school team player),  navigate peak hour traffic,  arrive at work….  a small mouthful of cottage cheese and green smoothie…because I am ALL OVER my health and well being.

Presentation complete…YEP, I nailed it.   I have now been given responsibilities for a new project based on my clear awesomeness.  Led meetings, updated my priorities lists, posted on my social networks.  Connected with people in the office.

Home again, pick up kids, start making dinner.  Husband arrives home and asks if I need some help.  Me?  Help?  NO WAY!!  Because I am so damn amazing, I can do it all…just WATCH me go.  Set table, clean up after dinner,  check diary, read school notes, reply to my emails,  check in with my friends on Facebook, put the washing on, pick up the toys that have magically appeared across the floor in the short time we have been home.

Get kids ready for bed, read stories…give them my undivided love and attention, included a lengthy discussion about YU-GI-O cards which I still don’t understand but I listened attentively because that’s how great I am.


The crowd cheers…well…actually,  no crowd,  husband is down tinkering on his car,  kids are in bed rooms (not asleep,  whining,  but in their rooms because I got them into their room precisely at bed time as required).

So,  what award do I get for my great achievements, you ask?  Well…er…um…I don’t do it for the rewards.  I do it because it makes me feel good.  Do I feel good?  Well…yes…kind of, in an absolutely exhausted, overwhelmed, kind of way.

But…excuse me, I think you are missing the point,  I did it ALL,  I DID IT.  I succeeded in effective work and life balance?  didn’t I?   DIDN’T I ?!?!!?!?!?


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