My two year anniversary…

It occurred to me today that I have been writing in this blog for over two years.  Wow.  It has taken a few evolutions over this time but I committed myself to writing once a week and despite a few breaks,  I have managed to be relatively consistent with it…which I am pretty proud of.   Here are some of the most popular blog posts from over the years…


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Top tips for a smooth morning…or not…

I’ve had to battle the urge though,  on multiple occasions,  that perhaps I am not doing enough.   That I “should” be doing more,  that by now I “should” have more followers,  i “should” have expanded into something more…more more more…. that not enough feeling that I have talked about before.

There seems to be a lot of talk about finding your purpose in life and trying to live what you love.   I think perhaps it puts too much pressure on you to make something that essentially is just a hobby or something you enjoy…into something that must make money for you or that it needs to be something big not something small.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this in her book Big Magic and wrote a great blog post on Facebook about it (which annoyingly I cannot dig out right now but if I find it I will post on Facebook for you…and you can follow Elizabeth of Facebook too if you want,  I recommend it!)

I like the thinking that not everything you do needs to have a purpose.  That you can do things just because you want to, or you are curious, or it brings you joy.   It takes the pressure off.  It helps me to remind myself that writing this blog is just my hobby.  It doesn’t have to be anything more,  maybe it doesn’t even have a purpose but I do it because there is something inside which is compelling me to do so, and I feel satisfaction when I do.

And what I do do…well…right now,  it is enough….

Do you have something in your life that you do without purpose?


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