I want to inspire people…


It has been a while since I wrote anything about my work in this blog.  My juggles with things outside of work seem to dominate my stories, and perhaps where I am falling apart the most!?

But I wanted to talk today about one of my favourite things to do, especially at work,  which is inspiring others to be their best (because it is one of the things on my Vision Board after all!).

I love it when I get the opportunity to bring someone out in the sunshine and help them shine.  My favourite roles at work have involved some kind of leadership or management.  Not because I want to run the world, but because I get such a kick out of watching other people succeed.

In the Corporate World, it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own ambitions.  Employees are pitted up against each other,  competing for the highest rankings, with bonuses, pay rises and promotions all being tied to how you compare to your colleagues.  It can be a little dog eat dog out there.

And sometimes I get caught in that world too.  Find myself getting frustrated when someone else takes a little credit for my work, or when I am given the dodgy project to work on when someone else gets the big shiny new apple.   And then I start the comparing game.  I look at my colleagues and I feel daunted, intimidated even.  They seem so confident (oh…I could totally write a whole post just about this, infact, i probably will…have been reading the Confidence Code.. really recommend it).  The self sabotage starts and I begin second guessing myself,  stumbling over my words.  I can’t compete in this world,  why am I even here?

Then I take a step back.  I think about what I want to achieve and I remember that I get more satisfaction from helping others to succeed than from my own success.   So instead of feeling like I am competing with my colleagues.  I approach our projects from a new angle.  How can I help them to shine.  How can my work, help them with their work.  And suddenly our work is progressing with incredible speed.   And my team,  well,  how can I help them to become even more amazing that they already are.  How can I help promote their good work,  what tips, ideas and suggestions can I give them to continue to build on their skills.  Where do their strengths fill in my weaknesses, and I can give them a new opportunity?

Working in this mindset, is so much more fruitful for me.  It takes away the jealous, the envy and the self criticism.  And, I guess not surprisingly,  a happy outcome is that usually when the people around me succeed…so do I.

How can you bring out someone elses sunshine today?



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