Time to plug in for a re-charge…

Sunday morning bliss...
Sunday morning bliss…

Recently I’ve been on a massive work high.

Oh boy does it feel good to do work which you find interesting and inspiring. It is like a high without drugs.

Over the last few weeks, I have been totally 100% consumed in work. As I mentioned last week, I have been away on a trip to India to meet with my colleagues and run some workshops.

There have been long days, meetings backed up with meetings. The information flow on overdrive.   My thoughts about lazy evenings in the bath reading my book were thrown out the window.  My evenings were spent de-briefing and discussing new ideas.   It’s amazing the flow that is created when you have the opportunity to work with inspiring people around things you are passionate about.

But this is why I work.  And I loved it.

I flew back into Australia, only to almost immediately turn around and fly back out again on a day trip. Adrenalin is keeping me pumping. I’m not really jetlagged…infact…I’m absolutely wired…my brain is churning out new ideas like a machine. I just want to keep going and going.


Red flags started popping up somewhere in my subconscious. I’ve been here before.   There is an incredibly fine line between this feeling, and absolute burnout and fatigue. I’m getting by, but there is only so far that adrenalin is going to take me. It’s easy to just keep working, to desperately try to get the ideas on paper and push through.  I haven’t been there for my family either physically or mentally over the last few weeks. Very soon I’m going to break.

And ultimately, I know I’ll do a better job when I slow down. When I give my brain a break from work for a while, let the ideas and information percolate.    In the moment,  it feels like slowing the momentum will spoil the mojo…but I have to remind myself that often my best ideas come when I have been focused on something completely different.

Time for me to plug in, and re-charge.

I scheduled a day just for me. I went for a run, had a massage then did some lazy shopping.  Great timing for a long weekend,  it was all about re-connecting with the family.     I spent time colouring in with my daughter, watching my son on his BMX and we did a lot of lazying around the house reading and watching TV (lucky it was raining, so I had a good excuse for being inside).   And my poor husband, who has been getting the absolute scraps of my existence recently, got to snuggle up with me on the couch with a movie, popcorn and the doona.  Bliss…

Did you get an opportunity to recharge over the Easter break?





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