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Hello there lovely people! Thank you so much for visiting me, I am so glad you are here.   I started this blog because I knew that I wanted to help and support other women, but I wasn’t exactly sure how.

Me and my vision board!

I work in the corporate world, where I have been lucky enough to have a pretty successful career, and I love what I do.   My passion is communications and so, of course, that’s what I started to write about at first.

I’m also a Mum,  and I love being a Mum.  

Sometimes I wish I was a full time mother,  other times I wish I could just put all my energy and passion into my work (like I used to before kids came along).

I look with envy upon those women who seem to “have it all”,  they have chosen to be corporate leaders,  as well as amazing mothers who bake cookies for the kids fete’s and still manage to turn up to the important things at school.  They look amazing, clearly also finding time for the gym and looking after themselves in between everything else they must be juggling.   My husband is always asking me,  “how does everyone else keep their houses tidy when ours looks like a bomb hit it?”.


And then someone said to me once…yeah,  but YOU are one of those women.  What? Huh?  Did I miss something here?  No I’m not.   I might look fine on the surface (like a smooth sleek duck on a pond…as my colleague always says),  but underneath,  there is a hell of a lot going on.

Self doubt, fear, guilt, anxiety, love, joy, anger and happiness all rolled up and bursting through my brain.  

Sometimes I play games with my kids and smile smuggly as I tuck them up in bed with my motherly kisses.  Other days I somehow find myself yelling and screaming (I’m not a yeller, I’ve never yelled, where did this come from?!) and quite frankly, being everything I promised I never would be.  At work you will find me pumping out a winning presentation one day,  and crying in the toilets the next.    My house is a pigsty …unless I know someone is coming over,  then I will run around frantically throwing things into cupboards and closing doors, so no one can see.

It made me realise,  that to a certain degree,  we ALL do this.   And when I started being more honest about some of these challenges in my blog,  these are the posts that seemed to be resonating with others….so I decide to change my focus, and use this blog to share my journey as I struggle to balance being the mother and wife I’ve always wanted to be,  with the leader at work that I think I can be…all whilst maintaining my own health and wellbeing.

As I muse, ponder and chatter my thoughts onto a page,  I hope that my blogs will reassure you that you can have it all…whatever having it all means to you…but maybe “having it all” doesn’t mean it has to be perfect,  some days are good and some are still bad.    I hope you’ll be able to relate to some of the anxious and self doubting (possibly career limiting, gulp) thoughts going around in my head.   I hope to share with you some of the funny/sad/ridiculous stories from my experiences and how much I have come to appreciate the learnings from them.

I get the greatest buzz when I feel like I have in some way inspired or motivated someone else, so my goal in sharing all my thoughts in an open forum, is the hope that just one person, might find some laughter or reassurance that turns around a bad day, or take a tip and use it successfully…creating a little bit of my sunshine in someone else’s day.

I’d love you to “Follow my story” using the button in the side bar,  so each week when I post…you’ll get the next little chapter in my life story.  And, of course, I’d love to hear your comments and maybe you’re confessions about the things that you do to get by.   You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn or join me in the little facebook community I created for us all to share more random thoughts and little tidbits of inspiration.

Thanks for visiting me,


P.S Obviously the views expressed on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of the lucky corporation I work for ;o)

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