Don’t let fear hold you back…

Celebrating my lovely neice’s 9th birthday this week, I found myself facing a mega trampoline and a big, big foam pit.  I watched as each child before me somersaulted and catapulted themselves into that foam pit, and I really really wanted to do it too.   So, to my family’s horror, I joined the queue.  But as my turn finally came, and I was jumping on the tramp ready to pounce…all these thoughts and fears started creeping into my mind “what are you doing you idiot?  you’re 40, get off the tramp .  You’ll look like a fool.  Don’t do it. You’ll hurt yourself.  Just jump gently, don’t try and somersault, you can’t do that”.

Now…anyone who knows me,  is aware that quite frankly, I’m a bit of a wuss bag.  I don’t take risks.  If there is a safe route, I’ll take it.   My husband wants to take me bungy jumping, I think just to see the look of horror on my face.  And it’s safe to say that I love my warm cozy little comfort zone.    And whilst I don’t think my life is going to be incomplete if I never bungy jump (sorry husband, you’ll have to pack the elastic away on that one)…being a none risk taker, manages to find its way into every element of my life, including my work space.   Fear creates worry, and anxiety is the enemy of optimism and innovation…and I can’t afford to be those things, in my personal life or in my work.

So as I stood on that trampoline,  I made a conscious choice,  to acknowledge the fear in my belly…but not let that fear stop me from being who I want to be.




What leap of faith are you going to make this week?



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