A new road to travel…

I’ve been thinking a huge amount this year about my own career, my skills and my networks. I think perhaps it is the age of my children, now in late primary school and so much more independent than they were before.

Getting the kids ready in the morning now involves me yelling “Time to get ready” a billion times, rather than actually putting clothes on wriggling octopuses.  I can say “you can make your own breakfast, it’s a good lesson to learn” when they complain about being hungry.  I can even walk around the block sometimes without them in tow.

(Of course, there are plenty of negatives about this age too…the arguments and bickering are like small blunt toothpicks being shoved into my eyes and ears, but that’s a story for another day)

It has a left a little more space to reflect about “what’s next” for me (actually I totally don’t have any more “space” but I think I’m in denial on that, so lets just run with it) and where I want to possibly go with this blog.

I’m getting excited and passionate again about all things leadership, communications and workplace empowering.  I’m excited to be volunteering my time this year for the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) in Canberra, as Director of Professional Development and Recognition and absorbing all the industry updates and expert insights.

So, you might start hearing me talking more about these kinds of topics on this here little ole’ blog. There are so many things buzzing around in my brain that it helps to throw them all out into the universe.

I’m sure I will still talk about my juggles with work life harmony (it’s totally uncool now to say “balance” by the way…because we all know that balance is unrealistic, it is never balanced, it is constantly swaying in one direction or another. But harmony, defined by the Collins Dictionary as “The harmony of something is the way in which its parts are combined into a  pleasant arrangement” soo…now I’m shooting for “pleasant arrangements” ) but I might also slip in some reflections on communications at work, what it takes to be an authentic leader and how workplaces can help employees to truly show up and shine.  My gosh, maybe I’ll even throw in some commentary about marketing and what it takes to create great content…who knows.

Saying that here means now I’m going to have to deliver on it! A pre-new year resolution perhaps?

Oh my goodness, that means it is nearly Christmas and this year I am sooo disorganised…less blog writing and more online shopping…ekkk gotta go.





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