Nailed it or failed it?


This week has been pretty massive,  had to fly interstate for work (at the same time as my husband did …grr…I booked mine in first), it was my sons 10th birthday and it was only the 2nd week back at school (so I still haven’t quite got through the pile of first week of laundry, school notes, and notifications).

So, at the end of the week when I was standing on the BMX track (volunteering at the finish line…as you do when you have just got off a plane), I have to admit, I was feeling just a tiny bit smug.

Yes people. I NAILED IT this week.


  • The neighbour just got chewing gum on his foot because we haven’t vacuumed the floor (err…sorry).
  • The kids had a lunch order EVERY DAY this week (they think this is awesome, i have mother guilt about the less than perfect number of vegetables that would have been consumed this week).
  • My son is having a birthday week fiesta because we feel guilty about both not being there on his birthday evening
  • We spent all of this morning running about 8 loads of washing to clean out the back log.
  • We had a lot of help from Aunty A (thank you!) and parents (thank you),  and other people who pitched in across the week (thank you thank you).
  • And…I got mossie bites all over my feet because I may have changed my suit but I forgot to change out of my fancy shoes before BMX

Even so…there is something deeply satisfying when you feel like you were juggling 10 balls and you only drop a few tiny ones (I mean…nothing major…come on, the chewing gum wasn’t that bad?  right?).

However.   I actually really know…that there is no time for being smug because life has already moved onto the next week.  And quite frankly, it could just as easily have gone a little pear shaped this week…despite my clear awesomeness….and most possibly will do so next week.

So,  I’ve sat down with the diary and I’m looking at where I can cut back.  Especially because next week my husband is away again and I’ll be juggling on my own all week.  I realise that it’s times like these I don’t want to push my luck.  Do I have a little me time planned (haircut…check),  do I have any unnecessary appointments (yep, why don’t I move one of them…check)…do I have a bit of “white space” some time during work and in the evenings that are currently free…that can take a bit of overflow activities if everything starts to boil over…or,  imagine,  it never gets filled up and I can just plug in and recharge.   Nice.

Did you nail it, or fail it this week?   And…are you ready for the next one?


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2 thoughts on “Nailed it or failed it?

  1. Well done you Claire George! Loved your account of last week (much like my own life). However I must say, I have beyond nailed it this week. Leaving Miss 10 and Master 8 with my folks to run the chaos, I’ve escaped to a New Caledonia resort as an accessory to my hubby’s business trip.

    Feeling VERY smug indeed.

    The work commitments, laundry pile, and juggling can all sit on pause for four days.

    • Oh my goodness! That is totally nailing it!!! That laundry pile can totally wait…be smug and own it… We all know they’ll be other weeks when things might not be going quite so well!!

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