I LOVE Christmas!

2014-12-08 08.43.04I have to finish the year with one of my favourite subjects CHRISTMAS!   I am so excited that it is finally nearly here.

You’d think with all the things I am always complaining about juggling,  that Christmas would be a nightmare zone…the place where the horrors of all my juggling come completely unraveled.

But you would be wrong.

I love the festive end of the year.  Where social engagements ramp up, and there is a happy vibe shooting out across the neighbourhood.  I don’t care that the mall put up their christmas lights in November, and the supermarket started selling Christmas chocolate…bring it on.

I cannot wait to spend time away from work,  to focus completely on my family and friends.  To walk down and look at the Christmas lights with the kids.  To eat lots of yummy food.  To sit in the sunshine and read my book.

And this year,  I have a lot to celebrate.   I am so proud of myself for not only starting this blog, but being committed to delivering on my weekly random musings.   Sometimes it has been challenging, other times it has been easy, but overall it has been an amazing little experiment.

Thank you for following me,  I love feeling connected to a greater world and I hope you have been able to relate to my stories and maybe somewhere it in all, there has been a tip or comment which you have related to, or that may have even helped you.

I’m going to take a break over Christmas and New Year,  I suspect I’ll still be writing,  but I won’t necessary be posting.  But….I’ll be back….and looking forward to a new year, new stories and more of the crazy ramblings from my life as I struggle to balance all the things that are important to me.

Have a wonderful end of year,  put on all your bells and whistles and join me for what I am sure will be an amazing New Year.




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