Hooray for holidays!

I’ve just come back from a weeks break, and it has reminded me just how important it is to take regular breaks from your usual routine to keep your juices flowing and creating working bliss.   When I was younger and far more fool hardy,  I didn’t take many regular breaks and I thought working longer hours equaled working harder.   I remember one sad day when I arrived at the office early (thinking I’d miss that early morning traffic), only to find the carpark shut because it didn’t open until 6am!!!  What was I thinking?!?

Even if you have the best job in the world, you still need to take regular breaks

P1020817OK, so the first few days of the holiday,  I was still in my usual frenzy… writing holiday “to do” lists,  ensuring our itinerary was full,  checking my watch,  still feeling like there was so much to be done.  But by day 3, I could feel my mind slowing down,  my mornings taking a  lazier turn,  taking my watch off because I didn’t need to know the time.   And it felt good,   infact,  it felt great.

Today I have an extra day off, so I can use my time to unpack bags and restock the fridge before being thrown back into the frantic pace of work.  But I hope I can take some of this chilled out feeling with me, and just flow through my work day…(and yes, I am in severe denial about what my inbox will have in store for me tomorrow,  but in the meantime, I might grab a cup of tea and fill up the bubble bath!)


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