Time to revise the Vision Board…

This was my old vision board...needs a bit of an update...
This was my old vision board…needs a bit of an update…

I’ve still been feeling quite flat recently.  Which is a little bit of a surprise because I thought my Top Ten list to Awesomeness…would help me feel like I had things nailed.  After all, a good old plan of action usually gets my spirits pumping!

But I still have this feeling in my stomach that I can’t quite put my finger on.

So i was thinking maybe it is time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.   Where is that vision board I started at the beginning of the year?

Like I said when I was talking about my Top ten list of things to achieve work-life awesomeness…you need to start with an overarching goal or vision which you are trying to achieve and then the ten steps are just ways to keep you sane while you are trying to achieve it.  So maybe my lack of motivation is coming from a lack of clarity on where I am going?

I know the idea is not new, but I remember it being suggested as a key tool,  during online course I was doing by Rachel MacDonald (who is totally awesome by the way)…I confess that initially I thought the idea was a little bit lame.  I’m not a creative type, I don’t regularly use my pinterest account and I always did poorly at school assignments that required cutting and pasting.  So I didn’t think this exercise was going to be good for me.   But I am good at doing what I’m told, and diligently went about starting to find and piece together photos, quotes and things that I thought represented where I wanted to be.

And I started to engage with the process.  It really helped.

I like the idea of not having to have specific goals.  I am not entirely sure, to be honest, where I want to be in a years time…let alone in 5 or 10 years.   So instead of trying to pinpoint a target straight away,  simply starting to pull together a picture of things that I like or inspire me… and then an overall picture does start to come together.  I have a better sense of who I want to be and with that, what I might want to achieve.

So, I’m thinking maybe it is time for a shake up of my vision board.  I might need to dig around a few new things.  It might help to give me the motivation I’m looking for,  to kick my butt out of this little flat place I have landed in.

What is your vision for your future success?


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Are you happy with where you are today?

Pointer SistersI’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it...you are required to sing this section of my blog, aka Pointer Sisters from the 80’s.

Why am I excited?  Because interesting things are happening with my work at the moment, the project I am working on is reaching an important milestone, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel and I’m engaging with other people who have the same interests and goals.   It’s really nice to feel this way.

So how did this happen, how did I get here?  A few years ago I wasn’t feeling this way at all with my work, infact, I was feeling flat and uninspired.   At the time, I also couldn’t see what the future might hold.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to next but I knew I needed to move.  But where?

I started searching for ideas and a couple of things stick in my mind from that time.

The first thing I remember learning at the time,  is to try to visualise yourself in the future,  make a vision board with things you like or that inspire you.   Even if you can’t clearly articulate the end goal (I had no idea what I actually wanted), you can still articulate the pieces that interest you (it doesn’t matter if they don’t come together in a picture that makes sense…yet).    Write down what you like doing, what you don’t.  What gets you excited.  Think BIG.   If you do this…these things are much more likely to happen to you.   What, by Witchcraft??  I thought.   But I made a vision board anyway (I was feeling desperate) and guess what,  it did work.   It has adapted and changed as much as I have now,  adding new ideas, thoughts, pictures, quotes to it as I go along.   I think that it works because it opens your eyes to what your interested in,  so suddenly you can see the opportunities when they pop up that match your ideas.  Then you take small steps towards them…and bang, suddenly you’re doing it

So…the second thing is that you have to be willing to take one step first,  even if you don’t know exactly where you are going. Someone described it in a blog (sorry I can’t attribute because I can’t remember where),  to think of it like holding a candle in the dark,  you can only see as far as the light is shining…but if you step forward, the light moves a little bit further forward too….so you can take another step.   My first step was to speak to my Manager at the time and tell her that I didn’t think the role I was in was right for me.  I didn’t know what I did want but I wanted her support in exploring ideas, potentially building new skills and thinking about future directions.  I was happy to keep doing my role but I needed to start takings steps. I was a bit nervous that this might put my head on the chopping block for other changes, or that she might then start treating me differently and give me bad ratings.  I guess those things could have happened,  but it was a risk I needed to take in order to move forward.   However, she didn’t do those things. She was disappointed because she wanted me to stay but she suggested some people in the business I could talk to and we discussed potential courses I might be able to do over the next few years.    That discussion led to others, which ultimately scored me a new job in a new area within a few months.   SCORE.  Since then I’ve kept moving forward, one step at a time, to finally find myself where I am today…excited and engaged.

Are you happy with where you are today?   Have you mapped out your own vision board?  And what tiny step forward can you take today…and every day…to get you closer to your goals?

Yep…tonight’s the night we are going to make it happen (I don’t think that is quite what the Pointer Sisters meant but lets roll with it)