I have 1hr of freedom…

2014-11-05 06.03.48Oh my goodness, on Sunday I got back from my a walk and found my husband and children gone.   Yep, he has taken them OUT and they are not due back for an hour.   This means I have the house TO MYSELF.   This is a rare occasion and I am both excited and anxious. Yep…anxious.

I have an hour, one precious hour.   But how do I choose what to do with my time? What will be the most productive use of my time?   Shall I go fill a bath? No, a bit too early. Read my book? Nah not in the mood.   Look around, the house looks like a bomb has hit it. If I just whizz around a do some tidying up, I’ll feel so much better. Yep. That’s what I should do.   Wait, the dog is giving me the eye…he does need walking, perhaps I should tick that off instead? Although I have just been for a walk.   Oh, that’s right, there is a mountain of clothes that need folding and putting away. I should really get onto that. Plus, I have been meaning to do a cupboard clean out for months and I’m always complaining I should get onto that. Would this be the time to start?   ARGHHH….15min gone now.

I’ll just finish cleaning the kitchen and then I’ll decide.

Surely I should be relishing this time on my own doing something a little more special? But I can’t help myself, the chores are calling my name…I can’t ignore them. I suddenly remember a blog I was on  reading on “The Other Side of 40” about the joys of dancing around the house on your own. .

OK, I’m putting some music on, I’ll tidy up and then I should have time to have a cup of tea on the balcony. Music is on ….LOUD.

And now I’m dancing.   I’ve worked out a special move which involves a complex jumping pattern over kids toys and dirt on the floor. But suddenly I don’t care about the chores anymore. I’m bouncing around the house, my own little personal dance party.   I remember doing this as a child, as a teenager. There is a crazy feeling of freedom when you dance like no one is watching (because there really is no one watching). I’m feeling good. Maybe I’ll forget the washing, and do some writing…

And suddenly…Time is up… the car drives back up the driveway. I look around. I’ve done nothing productive. Achieved ZERO.

And yet I feel GREAT… time used wisely?   Eventually, yes!


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